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Chieu Xuan

Open to See Tet: Set Mở ra là thấy Tết (Bilingual)

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Each region of Vietnam has unique scenery, weather and food during Tet. North Vietnam is colored with pink peach blossoms and chilly weather. South Vietnam is filled with yellow apricot flowers and warm days.

Tết food consist of square glutinous rice cakes (bánh chưng) vs. cylindrical cakes (bánh tét) freshly wrapped in banana leaves and boiled in a big pot right before Tết.

The book has two versions. One is about Tết in the north with đào (peach blossom) flowers and bánh chưng (square glutinous rice cakes), and another is the holiday in the south with mai (ochna) flowers and bánh tét (cylindrical glutinous rice cakes).

Each set includes:

  1. 1 book “Open to see Tet” (optional North version) Experience the book's content through the Stopmotion animated still-life video, helping your child fully enjoy the Tet atmosphere in the whole reading - listening - viewing part.
  2. Stickers of regional specialties designed by artists from Lionbooks
  3. Brilliant  "Open to see Tet!" jumbo red pocket/envelop.
  4. 6 vibrant red pockets
  5. Colorful regional map of Vietnam with Vietnamese description of each region

Authors: Chieu Xuan
Illustrator: Le Quynh
Publisher: Ha Noi Publishing House
Dimensions: Softcover
Language: Bilingual Vietnamese - English



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