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A to Z of Chinese Culture Playbook

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What's the A to Z of Chinese Culture Play Book, you ask?

It's much more than a book! It's over a 100 play sessions! 

With more than 26 mini stories and limitless conversation starters, this book helps your little ones explore and celebrate Chinese Culture. 

Filled with imagination and delight, this book is an informative and fun way to learn about one of the richest cultures of the world. Make no mistake, this is not about history or old traditions - this book celebrates the every day aspects of Chinese Culture that your kids will see and experience today. 

Take a magical journey with each letter as you explore all the delightful foods, languages, people, clothes, festivals and so much more.

How best to enjoy it? 

That's the beauty of it! It can be enjoyed in limitless ways. Use our "HAVE FUN" sections to help guide you to bring this book to life for your little one. There are little symbols to help guide you. Look out for them! 

Let's Explore: Our little ones are naturally curious. Help your little one discover more about the world and themselves as they learn about new sounds, words, foods, people, festivals and ways of life.

Let's Do: Play, make and create with your little one. 

Let's Talk: Talk to your little one about their feelings and thoughts, to accept and celebrate differences, to find similarities, to ask questions about why things happen, to challenge biases and stereotypes.

Let's Say: When learning about a new culture or language, it can be hard to pronounce some of the words correctly.  Help you and your little ones learn to say things the right way.  

How old does my child need to be? 

Ah! It’s never too early to start and never too late to stop. It’s suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

What does it look like, really? 

A hard bound book with beautiful, hand painted images that leap out from soft pages. A true collectible item, this book is a nice size for all ages. A perfect 10 inches by 10 inches, perfect for a bookshelf. Made with recyclable paper and organic ink, safe for even the littlest of hands.

Do I need to be of Chinese Heritage to enjoy this book?

Absolutely not! This book is made for anyone looking to raise a little global citizen, to open minds and nurture kindness and empathy. It is a window into a culture, made fun and delightful for little people! 

Last words?

There are unlimited ways to play and unlimited conversations to be had. An All-in-One Extraordinary Book. So, what are you waiting for?! Get it now!




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