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Little Smarts

Be Mindful with Tala and Koko (Mindfulness Kit)

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Engage in mindful play to improve focus, build empathy and cultivate calm while celebrating the uniqueness of the Philippine culture.  Join Tala and Koko as they practice Filipino culture based habits that promote conscious choices in different situations. 

This kit comes in a travel friendly pouch that can be brought along and used throughout the day. Each card is beautifully illustrated for creative mindfulness games, visualizations and exercises that would help children feel grounded, nurture inner peace and live conscientiously. 

Age: 4+ 

Kit Includes:

  • 14 activity cards
  • 3 "I am Grateful for..." cards
  • Tuki Eye Mask 
  • 18 pcs. wooden blocks
  • Calm Mind essential oil roll on 

Disclaimer: The activities in the kit is not meant to be used for any medical treatment or purpose.  The use of the kit is solely for play and does not claim to offer any medical or psychological therapy. Exercises should be done with adult supervision and discretion.

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