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Anak Publishing

Manok | Chicken - A Bilingual Book

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Chicken wakes up one morning wanting to try new things. Join Chicken as they explore new activities throughout the day. What will Chicken get up to next?

Learn Binisaya (Cebuano) and enjoy these bright illustrations of Chicken's adventures by Filipino Canadian artist Mailyne K. Briggs.

Author: Mailynne Briggs
Published: Anak Publishing, 2023
ISBN: 978-0-9878567-9-1
Pages: 24

Dimensions: 8x8, paperback

About ANAK Publishing

ANAK Publishing produces thought provoking Filipino-Canadian content.Our works bring together authors, educators, students, and readers to bridge cross-cultural understanding.

Founded in 2010 to address the cultural gap found in educational resources, ANAK Publishing produces quality works notably in oral history and children’s literature. It also produces an annual anthology of creative writings.

ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd. is an affiliate of the non-profit organizationAksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK) Inc.and supports its mandate to share, learn and preserve Filipino-Canadian heritage and culture through resource, education, and mentorship.

ANAK Publishing believes in building important social capital for its members and community. Each member plays a valuable role as an equal partner of the enterprise. Members prescribe to Community Economic Development (CED) principles, which observe the operational needs of the enterprise and the wider interests of the community it is an active part of.