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Yobe Qiu

Our Lunar New Year: Celebrating Lunar New Year in Asian Communities

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It’s almost Lunar New Year! Xiao Mao, Hang, Kwan, Charu, and Malay all celebrate the New Year in their own special way. Read this book to learn how each one of the Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian children, and their families honors Lunar New Year, from dragon dances in China to firecrackers in India!

  • Includes Chinese, Thai, Vietnam, Indian and Korean storyline
  • Characters and names unique to each story
  • Approved and used by many educators and schools in U.S.
  • Featured in Entertainment Tonight as a recommended Lunar New Year resource.



Authors: Yobe Qiu
llustrator: Maria Christina Lopez, Jennifer Prevatt, Pui Yu Chan
Publisher: Project You Start, 2018
Dimensions: 8x10”, 417 g, Hardcover binding, 36 pages
Language: English

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