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The Legend of Cuoi, the Man on the Moon | Sự tích chú Cuội, a Bilingual Book to Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival

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Have you ever looked at the Moon and wondered: Who is Up There?

According to Vietnamese legend, Cuội lives on the Moon 🌙 But how did he end up there? This book tells the story of his life and adventure. The book is written in both Vietnamese and English, and carefully edited by native speakers in both languages.

Cuội is a well-known character of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. Each year on August 15th in the Lunar calendar, this festival celebrates the day when the Moon is at its fullest and brightest. Children often sing and parade in the streets, holding star lanterns. They also play with traditional toys such as rice-powdered toy figurines and paper masks. Families gather together to eat mooncakes and fruits while sharing folk tales about the Moon—like the story of Cuoi in this book.

The book is also illustrated with gorgeous colors, and printed on high quality paper. It comes with a free sticker sheet, too! It will be a perfect Trung Thu gift for you and your family.

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