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Alice Trinh

This is Tet

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Would you like to explore all the flavor and excitement of Tết, the Vietnamese New Year?

Then, you’ll love This is Tết, a beautiful rhyming picture book that depicts Tết activities and customs!

With this book, you’ll celebrate Vietnamese New Year through the curious eyes of a city kid with her family in a northern Vietnamese village for Tết. The story is inspired by the author’s (Tam Bui) own family members, and the illustrator’s (Mai Ngo) childhood memories in Cổ Bản Village.

The book was originally written in Vietnamese (under the title "Đúng là Tết") and this is a translated version. It is the first time the book is published in North America, by tinywrist Publishing House. Our mission is to create more interesting Vietnamese - English contents for the little ones. We hope you will also enjoy this lovely creation! Visit our website and social media to discover other books in our collection.

Authors: Tam Bui
Illustrator: Mai Ngo
Publisher: Tinywrist, 2022
Dimensions: 8x10”, 44 pages, Softcover binding
Language: English

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