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Gail and Pablo

When My Friend Tries (Bilingual English-Filipino): A Story on Empathy and Encouragement

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When someone struggles with a task and commits a mistake, we tend to correct him or her without respect, gentleness, and tact. In pointing out others’ flaws, we sometimes use insensitive words that hurt them. Just because we are right does not mean we can be rude. This story shows how true friends don’t just correct but instead encourage and offer help. 
  • a story on Empathy and Encouragement
  • Bilingual: English and Filipino Text
  • includes Story Lesson, Follow-up Questions, and Suggested Activities
  • 32 pages (150gsm inside pages; 300gsm cover page)
  • Binding: paperback
  • Recommended for children 3-9 years old 
  • Visuals are also engaging for toddlers


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