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Yobe Qiu

I am a Bold Asian Boy

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I Am A Bold Asian Boy

I am a bold, beautiful and brilliant Asian boy! Follow a journey of confidence and positive affirmations as our narrator discovers his strength, courage, and cultural identity. This bold Asian boy dreams big and plans to discover the world, all while reminding young readers what makes them so great!

Brave, bold, and brilliant! This Asian boy is on an adventure to discover his identity!

I Am a Bold Asian Boy is a story of confidence, courage, and culture. This book reminds young readers how to believe in themselves and pursue their goals. Discover opportunity and positivity on every page!

Author and educator Yobe Qiu has written this story to help Asian boys improve their self-worth and recognize their value. Read along with page-by-page affirmations. This Asian boy is balanced, beautiful, brilliant, and more!

I Am a Bold Asian Boy is perfect for readers aged 3 to 6, introducing concepts and ideas that support emotional wellbeing and a positive mindset. Colorful illustrations add to a message of optimism.

Help your child learn to appreciate their culture and build their confidence. Introduce your child to life-changing ideas, including gratitude, balance, courage, and positivity.

In I Am a Bold Asian Boy, young readers will discover:

  • Positive affirmations for Asian boys
  • Statements designed to improve confidence
  • Cultural empowerment and celebration
  • Bright illustrations that inspire happiness

  • Product Description:
    Author: Yobe Qiu
    Illustrator: Jade Le
    Publisher: By Yobe Qiu,  2023
    ISBN: 9781957711102
    Binding: Hardcover 
    Pages: 25  pages (104g)
    Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
    Ages: 8-12 years old

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