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Culture Tater Tots

Mooncake Play Kit

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Get ready for tradition, creativity, and fun all in a pouch! We are beyond excited to introduce the latest Culture Tatertots Mooncake Play Kit. With fantastic new additions and classic favorites, this year's kit will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Our Mooncake Play Kit is designed to capture the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's about celebrating traditions while having fun and creating memories.  

🌟 Explore the Kit's Contents 🌟

🥮 Mooncake Playdough Molds: Encourage imaginative play with our mooncake playdough molds. Get creative and make your own mooncakes. (Playdough included)

📚 Wipe-Clean Activity Book: Foster learning and discovery with our brand new wipe-clean activity book, filled with a mix of fun facts and interactive activities! 

🏮 DIY Paper Lantern Craft: Lanterns and riddles are a big part of Mid-Autumn Festival! Your little ones can celebrate by making their very own paper lantern.

🎒 Custom Pouch: Keep everything organized with our custom-designed pouch, ensuring convenience and safe-keeping for years to come.

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