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Meg Raby

My Brother Otto - An Autism Awareness Book

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This engaging picture book shows everyday life with little crow siblings when one of them is on the autism spectrum.

My Brother Otto is a child-friendly, endearing, and fun picture book for children about the love, acceptance, and understanding a sister, Piper, has for her little brother Otto, who is on the autism spectrum. The book provides explanations for Otto's differences and quirkiness in an easy-to-understand language, and highlights Otto's desires for adventure and love-just like his peers. To be more specific, My Brother Otto is a sweet story about a sister and a brother who engage in common, everyday experiences in their own unique way with the idea that kindness and understanding always win!


Meg Raby  |  illustrated by Elisa Pallmer

9781423651543 | Hardcover Picture Book

3-5 years

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