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My A to Z Filipino Activity Book

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Introducing the perfect activity book for children aged 4+ who want to learn their Filipino A-Z's. This exciting book is filled with fun and engaging coloring and writing activities that will help your child explore the vibrant culture of the Philippines!

Each page features a letter of the Filipino alphabet along with an illustration of a culturally significant object or character that begins with that letter. From "A" for "Alab" (flame) to "Z" for "Zamboanga" (Zamboanga), your child will love learning new words and phrases from our beautiful language.

As your child works their way through this activity book, they will not only develop a deeper understanding of their heritage language but also gain a greater appreciation for the rich language and traditions of our amazing country. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to help your child explore their Filipino heritage!

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Pages: 59

Age Range: 4+


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