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Saffi Squirrel

Saffi Squirrel: Basti Builds a Home (Book 5)

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Basti Builds a Home

Basti Builds a Home introduces children to the value of helping others, no matter how young they are. The book hopes to communicate that even small acts can have a massive impact on the world. Ultimately, the mindset that we hope to encourage is one that sees money as a tool to be able to help others.

About the Colletion

Saffi Squirrel aims to empower families with the foundational principles of financial literacy. Teaching and imparting these money-saving habits will be useful for children as they grow older. 

Through this, we collaborate with Big People to speak a shared language of financial literacy. In the process, we may inspire a change in their own current mindsets on money management, while teaching and imparting a new perspective to their kids. 

Meet the Saffi Squad, Mattina, Renée, Alessi, Basti and Rafael, in their Money Smart adventures with Saffi Squirrel!

Product Description:
Author: Monique Leandro Carlos and Clarissa Serino de la Paz  | Illustrator: 
Publisher: Saffi Squirrel,  2022 | ISBN: 9798411492736
Binding: Paperback | Pages: 32  pages | Size: 7 x 10 inches
Ages: 8-12 years old

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